Friday, July 31, 2015

Interning at the VA has been a life changing experience where I have learned so much knowledge on Healthcare Interior Design. I have worked a lot on work orders, and how it is important to get them done quickly so the facility can run smoothly. Going to the warehouses to locate available furniture for work order requests was quite an adventure. Each warehouse is piled full of broken furniture and current usable furniture. They were also a lot of meetings every week such as, activation, space workgroup, and staff meetings that we went too. These meetings helped Engineering keep up with running the VA. Sometimes these meetings are over the phone using the Vance conference call system. This way if someone is not able to come in person they can call into the meeting. I have had the opportunity see two building activations the Laundry and Kitchen Facility and the PMRS building. The Laundry/Kitchen Facility will be the first VA, that can fully power the building by solar panels. The PMRS Building also has a therapeutic pool and blind rehabilitation room. 

Laundry/Kitchen Facility

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetic's  Building
a.k.a  PMRS building

Video of the therapeutic pool for Veterans.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Week 8!

This was my last week working at the VA in Biloxi. consisted of completing spreadsheets for furniture inventory, meeting with reps, and completing Autocad drawings. The beginning of the week I finished up the spreadsheet of furniture inventory for Panama City Delwood Clinic. We met with Ergogensis rep to discuss a staff member who needed their task chair repaired. Ergogensis focuses on specific health problems that employees have so that they can work comfortably. I also completed the Autocad drawings of the demo and furniture plan for the X-ray room. I also worked on Autocad drawings for the Eglin feature wall, which took awhile do to the fact I only had Autocad 2015 and not the architecture one. After trouble shooting that, I was able to complete the Eglin feature wall in Autocad. Last but not least, we went to the Building 21 vacating meeting for the Kitchen staff to talk about vacating and moving into the new Kitchen and Laundry facility.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

WEEK 7!! Collaboration

This week Ms. Sarah went on a business trip to Panama City and Eglin, Florida. So I was left to hold down the fort at the office. For the last few weeks of my internship, I will be collaborating with Radiology staff members for a small renovation project for their office area. Tuesday Ms. Sarah and I went to meet with Radiology staff members about a new space plan. I jotted down notes about how many staff members would be working there and what requirements did they have for the space plan. I will do some preliminary autocad drawings and see what office furniture we have in the warehouse.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Interior Designers at the VA collaborate with the Project Manager, General Engineers, Chief Engineer, and many others. When doing major construction projects for new buildings, Interior Designers collaborate with staff members to space plan accordingly. For example, Ms. Sarah is currently collaborating with Mobile VA staff members for a new leased building. We have had several meetings to collaborate with staff members from pharmacy, lab, and ophthalmology. They tell us what equipment and furniture requirements are necessary for there particular area. These collaborations help when the design process begins, so that Ms. Sarah can give this information to the architect. Ms. Sarah is currently collaborating with the CARES Activation Coordinator, Project Manager, and Chief Engineer for the new Mobile VA building. The Chief Engineer and Project Manager are at the top of the chain and makes sure to keep the project from going over budget. Working as an Interior Designer for the VA, there is a lot of collaboration in the Engineering department to keep everything to the high standards of the government.

Work Orders

By the end of this week we completed a lot of work orders at the VA. Ms. Sarah does work orders for theVA at Mobile, Eglin, Pensacola, and Biloxi. Staff members put in work orders for broken furniture, replacing furniture, and many other necessities. I go and assess the work orders for broken furniture or space that needs more furniture and storage. Once I find out what the person needs I go to the warehouses to locate furniture to tag. This can take awhile trying to locate something, because this is also where the broken furniture is stored as well. After I tag the furniture, Ms. Sarah closes out the work orders. I also call and check with employees afterwards to make sure the work orders are completed.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

CIDA Standard 5: Collaboration

Interior Designers collaborate with reps, who knows all the information about their products they represent. For example, Ms. Sarah is working with Missy from Creative Signage, to collaborate on wayfinding for the entire VA hospital facility. They collaborated this week by selecting appropriate icons and color choices for each floor in the hospital. Ms. Sarah also collaborated with engineering, CAPE(Capital Asset Plan Execution Office), Public Relations, and OPCC( Office Patient Centered Care) for they wayfinding project. Below are some of the examples of the what came out of the collaboration with Ms.Sarah and Missy.