Friday, May 29, 2015

An Eventful Day at Work!

Today I was given multiple tasks to get started on and complete over the next few weeks. I started on creating a new FY 2016 Calendar featuring Patient Centered Care for Environmental Programs Service. This calendar focuses on 12 key objectives for improving patient centered care. Each month showcases 1 goal and a couple of examples for best practices to utilize to improve the lives of Veteran patients. I was also given the task of checking off completed work orders and making notes of duplicate work orders. At the end of the day Mrs. Sarah had a meeting with Mr. Jason Richards who is a Rep from Mainspace Office Solutions to go check the products on the construction site for the new Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics Building. Also found out that Mr. Jason Richards had an intern as well from USM. Maybe next time I will see you at a future meeting , Mrs. Haley Weathersby. Mr. Jason went and measured the space for the custom reception desk, that would be made with mostly, with Trendway products. We had a little surprise after they were done measuring, the construction workers had already left and locked down the construction site. Luckily, we were able to catch the foreman before he left and was able to get back to the office.

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