Thursday, June 4, 2015

All hands on Deck!!

Mrs. Sarah is currently working on the two new buildings ,which are the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics building and the Laundry/Kitchen Facility building. So all hands are on deck to get both buildings opened as soon as possible, since the date for completion of both buildings has been pushed back multiple times this year. There was a problem with the specified color for the dental room flooring for the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics building, so I had to locate the Mannington flooring sample that was used in the samples library. Once I  had located the specified flooring sample price, I was able to find similar sample prices for Biospec/ Fine Fields sheet flooring. This week Mrs. Sarah will make an appointment with the client so that to reselect the proper flooring material and the correct color. We also went to the Physical Medicine $ Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics building to assist the Bio Medical Engineer, activation coordinator, and a few members of the Critical Care committee. The Bio Medical Engineers are highly trained individuals who are tasked with developing new products and generally solving problems through a concerted effort of an effective team, mathematical equations, and theoretical applications. We went throughout the whole building to trying to find the best locations for AED(Automatic External Defibrillator), which are a portable defibrillator designed to be automated such that it can be used by persons without substantial medical training who are responding to a cardiac emergency. The Critical Care Committee comes up with the rules and regulations of were and AED should be located and how many there should be in different zones of the building. They decided that four  rooms can have an AED in it, but there are no rules against having more AED in the building. Although, it would mean that they would have to make sure to keep up the maintenance of the multitude of AED's if there were to many for the building. Mrs. Sarah came to assist with them ,so that there would be no furniture or artwork conflicting with the wall locations of the AED's. Another problem that occurred this week was when we went to look at the progress of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics building. The police training room had cream colored acoustical wall treatments on all the walls and somehow they had gotten all smeared with something brown. The building was supposed to be open two weeks ago, but the contractor gave the excuse for missing the deadline was due to the non-completed ceiling. However, you can clearly see that the delay was because they were still working on most of the building. That doesn't even include the fact that the parking lot is not even cemented yet.
Custom Reception Desk

Inside Receptionist Room

LVT Flooring design throughout the hallways.

Exam Rooms and Open area 

Therapeutic Pool Room 

The therapeutic pool goes down 6 feet into the ground.

Blind Therapy Room. 
This is were blind Veterans learn to readjust to there home environment with a room that has a kitchen and will be furnished with house furniture.

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