Saturday, July 4, 2015


Interior Designers at the VA collaborate with the Project Manager, General Engineers, Chief Engineer, and many others. When doing major construction projects for new buildings, Interior Designers collaborate with staff members to space plan accordingly. For example, Ms. Sarah is currently collaborating with Mobile VA staff members for a new leased building. We have had several meetings to collaborate with staff members from pharmacy, lab, and ophthalmology. They tell us what equipment and furniture requirements are necessary for there particular area. These collaborations help when the design process begins, so that Ms. Sarah can give this information to the architect. Ms. Sarah is currently collaborating with the CARES Activation Coordinator, Project Manager, and Chief Engineer for the new Mobile VA building. The Chief Engineer and Project Manager are at the top of the chain and makes sure to keep the project from going over budget. Working as an Interior Designer for the VA, there is a lot of collaboration in the Engineering department to keep everything to the high standards of the government.

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