Thursday, June 11, 2015

Global Perspective for Design

For the VA Interior Designer, they don't necessarily consider themselves working in a regional level. They consider themselves working in network for healthcare system. 
  1.  VA(VACO) (Veterans Administration Central Office)
  2.  VHA Central Office (VHACO) (Veterans Health Administration Central Office)
  3. Veterans Integrated Service Network(VISN*) (ex: VISN 16, South Central VA Health Care Network) ***VA’s Veterans Health Administration is divided into 21 areas called VISNs.
  4. Health Care System (ex: VA Gulf Coast Health Care System)
  5. Medical Center or Facility (ex: Biloxi)
  6. Service (ex: EMS) (Environmental Program Service)

VA Interior Designer's order materials and work with clients regionally, throughout the United States. They can only work with clients at the VA's, which are in the United States. The government pays for the materials, so interior designers can only order materials that are *GSA approved.

FUN FACT:*GSA is a federal agency which is a service to other federal agencies. GSA vets all products or services which are sold to the government and places them on a list with predetermined pricing call the GSA Schedule. Items on GSA" are tested and approved by GSA for purchase by the
federal government, including the VA.

Mrs. Sarah is currently working with an architect from St. Louis, Missouri, who doesn't understand about the weather we have down south. He wanted to design a canopy that was way to curved and to high to protect patients from the rain when entering and exiting the clinic. When Mrs. Sarah was designing the CLC(Community Living Center) she had to make it utilitarian rather than home-like. This was because a home-like design could mean many different designs for each Veteran. She solved this problem by designing each community area like a hotel/spa area. Each community on all floors are named after a river to help Veteran with wayfinding. Each floor has a large hallway where she created a sitting area that resembles an old school gentlemen's room.

I wasn't able to take a picture of the hallway, but this is what it resembled.

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