Friday, June 19, 2015

Sailing to the Mobile VA!

The first part of this week started with a trip to the Mobile, AL VA Clinic. We met with the Pharmacy lease user group and the Lab lease user group to get suggestions for space planning. If the Mobile VA gets awarded this summer, then things will move fast when the design phase starts. So Tess the CARES- Engineering Coordinator and Kara the Capital Asset Plan Execution Office, bring conceptual floorplans to both of the meetings to see if staff members require more room for all their equipment needs. Many of the staff members needed to be reassured that the drawings were purely conceptual and nothing was set in stone. When having these meetings some of the members could not attend, so they called into the meeting through the a conference call, that Kara set up. Later that day, we had a Environmental Programs Service(EPS) and Patient Centered Care branding conference call about partnering with an external company. The higher ups sent a list of companies we could partner with to assist Veterans better such as, the Marriot, TAPS, and Recruit Veterans. How does partnering with a help the EPS serve Veterans better you ask? Well, for example the Marriot focuses on providing great customer service and has special training that their employees are required to take. EPS could utilize this information and have their staff members take special training and courses, to ensure quality customer service to Veterans.

This is where my office is located.

The next day I explored the VA to go assess work orders in person. So my day was spent driving the scooter everywhere on the facility.

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