Friday, July 31, 2015

Interning at the VA has been a life changing experience where I have learned so much knowledge on Healthcare Interior Design. I have worked a lot on work orders, and how it is important to get them done quickly so the facility can run smoothly. Going to the warehouses to locate available furniture for work order requests was quite an adventure. Each warehouse is piled full of broken furniture and current usable furniture. They were also a lot of meetings every week such as, activation, space workgroup, and staff meetings that we went too. These meetings helped Engineering keep up with running the VA. Sometimes these meetings are over the phone using the Vance conference call system. This way if someone is not able to come in person they can call into the meeting. I have had the opportunity see two building activations the Laundry and Kitchen Facility and the PMRS building. The Laundry/Kitchen Facility will be the first VA, that can fully power the building by solar panels. The PMRS Building also has a therapeutic pool and blind rehabilitation room. 

Laundry/Kitchen Facility

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetic's  Building
a.k.a  PMRS building

Video of the therapeutic pool for Veterans.

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